Commissioned piece….

I’m delighted with this commissioned piece which pares back the Arrow Head pattern to a monochrome design, really emphasising the twisted shape of this vase.

Thank you Jonny and Wei!


Pot videos 3

This is Arnaud’s third video of my pots.  This one is of the two Twisted Oval Vases, Arrow Heads (i) and (ii).  Made from the same mould, these could work as a pair, although they have now been sold individually.


To find out more, and see other pots that I have made, do visit the webpage.  Prices and commissions on request.



I’ve just completed this series of small bowls.  The monochrome geometric patterns are reflected, so that the inside of one is the same as the outside of the other, and vice versa.  Although each bowl can stand alone, the striking play of positives and negatives that is set up by the inverted patterns makes them a harmonious and balanced pair.