Sisters.2 Herrick Gallery

Here is a preview of the works that my sister Sophie Arup and I exhibited at the Sisters.2 show at the Herrick Gallery, curated by Marcus Cole and Issy Ogden

Sisters.2 opening night, Herrick Gallery, Piccadilly

Wow!  It was rammed!

Great fun though – many thanks to everyone who came along.

Especial thanks to Marcus Cole and Issy Ogden for curating the show – it was amazing!


I have finally finished half of the cache pots that I have been making for our window sill.

7 down, 7 to go!


Despite working completely independently, my sister Sophie Arup and I have always been surprised by the slightly eerie way that our work is complementary.  Celebrating this, we exhibited together in 2014.  Our second exhibition, showcasing our work of the past four years, is taking place in February 2018, at the Herrick Gallery on Piccadilly.  Remarkably, our pieces continue to exude extraordinary synergy despite the different mediums in which we work.

Sisters.2 is curated by CO: Marcus Cole and Issy Ogden.



It has been a real privilege to create the Manser Medal for The Sunday Times British Homes Awards.

The Medal was conceived in 2001 to inspire innovation in house design, to show how social and technological aspirations can be met by intelligent design.

Many congratulations to Eldridge London, who won the 2017 Medal for their hose in Coombe Park.  The Jury panel commented that: “This is a house that can’t be ignored, has many stunning and surprising elements and whilst unlikely to be copied will give Architects and house builders much to think about.”




The form of these two vases is created by three ovals which are twisted, one above the other, to create a shape that bulges in the middle when seen from one side but cinches from the other – from another angle it looks completely straight sided.

The geometry of the pattern is created by the form, the colours – inspired by a rural sunset – are mirrored on each pot.

The flowers… are just perfect.

A new pot for Christmas

More painterly, less colourful…. but still with the geometry underpinning the patternimg_1402

European online sale!

I’m delighted that six of my pots have been selected by Madina Benvenuto and Marine Halna du Fretay for inclusion in an online sale of unique contemporary ceramic pieces from across Europe. Do take a look, there are some lovely pieces on sale!

Woven ceramic vase     Vase blue grey 3 printYellow prime number spiral ceramic bowl

L1030886 L1030883 L1030938