The form of these two vases is created by three ovals which are twisted, one above the other, to create a shape that bulges in the middle when seen from one side but cinches from the other – from another angle it looks completely straight sided.

The geometry of the pattern is created by the form, the colours – inspired by a rural sunset – are mirrored on each pot.

The flowers… are just perfect.

A new pot for Christmas

More painterly, less colourful…. but still with the geometry underpinning the patternimg_1402

European online sale!

I’m delighted that six of my pots have been selected by Madina Benvenuto and Marine Halna du Fretay for inclusion in an online sale of unique contemporary ceramic pieces from across Europe. Do take a look, there are some lovely pieces on sale!

Woven ceramic vase     Vase blue grey 3 printYellow prime number spiral ceramic bowl

L1030886 L1030883 L1030938

Optical illusions in clay…

Delighted that the piece about my pots is still featured on the front page of the Wall Street International magazine.



There is a nice mention of my work in the Bevere Gallery’s blog.

The gallery is currently showing a number of my pots until the end of September.  I’m honoured to be part of their 10 year celebrations!

Vase blue grey pair 3 print    Vase blue grey pair 4 print

Bevere Lane
01905 754 484

Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Saturday 10.30am – 5.00pm or by appointment



Bevere Gallery: September 2016

A slightly grainy shot but… here are my pots on show at the Bevere Gallery in Worcester.




Kate Enters has written a lovely piece about me and my pots in the Wall Street International Magazine.  It is always intriguing when other people talk about your work….

wsi 1

Here are a couple of the 3D printed pots that she refers to in the piece, and a link to my talented sister Sophie Arup‘s website – also mentioned.

Vase blue grey pair 3 print     Vase red black pair 1 print

Featured Maker – Bevere Galley

I am honoured that the Bevere Gallery has asked me to be their featured maker for the month of September.  Pots old and new will be on show from 03 to 27 September

The gallery has a delightful café and is open from Tuesday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm.

Oval sprial vase        Flat blue black and green pair 1       Woven ceramic vase Flat zigzag 1 print   Spiral squares ceramic bowl   Vase blue grey pair 3 print

Bevere Gallery, Bevere Lane, Worcester WR3 7RQ • 01905 754 484 •