GEOMETRY            TEXTURE            COLOURS            PATTERNS

There is a logic to Caroline Cole’s work, that comes from a balance between art and science; for a ceramicist this is unusual.

Caroline studied architecture at the University of Cambridge in the UK and has spent most of her career working in design and architecture.  She has been creating pots since 2012.

The pieces Caroline creates are unusual.  Perhaps because of her architectural background and her fascination with the way that geometries distort when painted in three-dimensions.  Working mainly with slip cast moulds, she creates non-circular and often twisted forms.  Spirals and ovals have been a particular obsession because, when linked, they automatically provide an asymmetrical but ordered form.

The geometric patterns applied to each pot evolve from the shape, often generating apparent movement and optical illusions as they follow the form.  The patterns are not just conjured up; they follow set mathematical progressions, often derived from number sequences and prime numbers.

Caroline works in bright colours, combining rough, underglazed finishes with more traditional matt or polished glazes, to add texture and create depth of colour.  Some pieces have been created as pairs, with inverted shapes and colours, producing a Yin to the other pot’s Yang.

Caroline has had two public shows with her sister, the collage artist, Sophie Arup.  The first show, in a gallery in London’s East End was in 2014; the second, in February 2018, was at the Herrick Gallery on Piccadilly in central London.  She was a Featured Maker at the Bevere Gallery in Worcester in 2016.

Her pots have been showcased in German Vogue and in the Wall Street International Magazine.

Her work is for sale and she undertakes commissioned pieces; her pots are in private collections in the USA, Hong Kong, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Each pot is unique.

If you would like to find out more, or see some of Caroline’s work in reality, please contact: info@carolinecoleceramics.co.uk
The very beautiful photographs on this site are by Alex Braun, Gordon Roland Peden and Marcus Cole.  The snap shots are not.

2 thoughts on “HOME PAGE

  1. Wonderful pots Caroline! They look fantastic and I can’t wait to see them in real life. And a very exciting website, well done! From your very proud sister Sophie xxx

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