There is a particular logic to Caroline Cole’s work, that comes from a balance between art and science.


Please note that the intellectual property in all the works of art shown on this website belongs to Caroline Cole.  Unauthorised copying or reproduction of any of the works of art shown on this website constitutes an infringement of copyright and is strictly prohibited.

Caroline has a distinctive approach to colour, painstakingly combining rough, underglazed finishes with more traditional matt or polished glazes to add texture.  Each piece is hand-painted with meticulous precision and can take months to create, as layers of glaze are applied and fired several times to create depth and intensity of colour.

Working mainly with slip cast moulds, she creates non-circular and often twisted forms.  Spirals and ovals have been a particular obsession because when linked, they automatically provide an asymmetrical form.

The geometric patterns applied to each pot evolve from its shape, generating apparent movement and optical illusions as they follow the form.  The patterns are not just conjured up; they follow set mathematical progressions, often derived from number sequences and prime numbers.  Some pieces have been created as pairs, with inverted shapes and colours, producing a Yin and Yang.

Each ceramic piece is unique.

Caroline studied architecture at the University of Cambridge in the UK and has spent most of her career working in design and architecture.  She has been creating ceramics since 2012.

Her work has been showcased in Modern Art section of Vogue Living in German Vogue; the Wall Street International Magazine; and in China’s Real Estate Frontiers Magazine.

Caroline has had two public shows in the UK.  The first, in London’s East End, was in 2014; the second, in February 2018, was at the Herrick Gallery on Piccadilly in central London.   She exhibited at the Best of British show in Shanghai, China in 2018.

Her work is for sale and she undertakes commissioned pieces; her pots are in private collections in the USA, Hong Kong, Spain and the United Kingdom.

卡罗琳曾就读于英国剑桥大学建筑系,此后她将绝大部分的职业生涯都献给了设计和建筑事业。 自2012年起,她便开始制造瓷器。

卡罗琳创作的艺术品都是不同凡响的。这大概是因为她的建筑学背景知识,以及她在设计三维模 型时,对几何图形扭曲变形的奇特想象吧。由于工作时接触的主要是滑动浇筑模具,她便创造了 非圆形的和长期扭曲的特有形态。其中,她最痴迷的还是螺旋形和椭圆形,因为当它们连接起来 是,便会自动呈现出一种非对称的但是有秩序的形态。

这些几何图案适用于每一件瓷器的形状,一旦他们选择了这种形态,便经常会产生明显的运动和 视觉上的错觉。这些图案并不是被简单地拼接起来;他们遵循着固有的数学级数,通常是源于数 列和素数规律。

卡罗琳工作时偏向于亮色,将粗糙的,釉底色彩的成品与更多传统的无光泽的釉色相结合,以此 增加颜色深度和陶瓷质地。有些作品是成对创造的,有着颠倒的形状和颜色,彼此互为阴阳。


2014年,在伦敦东区的一个画廊;第二次,是2018年2月,在伦敦市中心皮卡迪利大街上的 赫里克画廊。2016年,她在伍斯特贝弗里画廊被评为特色创作家。


她的作品是用来售卖的,而且她也承接过委托单;不论是在美国、香港、西班牙还是英国,她的 作品都是十分珍贵的私人收藏。


If you would like to find out more, or see some of Caroline’s work in reality, please contact: info@carolinecoleceramics.co.uk
© Caroline Cole

2 thoughts on “HOME PAGE

  1. Wonderful pots Caroline! They look fantastic and I can’t wait to see them in real life. And a very exciting website, well done! From your very proud sister Sophie xxx

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